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Here at Bogenraith House we have been fully briefed about the specific protocols to follow in relation to this virus.

We are fully prepared with both preventative and responsive measures in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines.

Bogenraith House already has rigorous cleaning procedures in place, but given the latest medical findings that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted by touch, we have significantly stepped-up surface cleaning measures. We are sanitising surfaces more frequently using specialised products tested effective against the virus and have hand sanitisers in all of our public areas for you and our colleagues to access for frequent use. Bogenriath House also continues to wash all linen at high temperatures for optimal disinfection.

  • All rooms will be mist disinfected prior to guest arrival.

  • In each room will find hand sanitisers and cold masks for guests use.

  • All staff will wear cold masks and gloves.

  • All food and beverage areas will be rearranged to ensure a safe distance of at least one metre between tables.

  • Hygiene and safety protocols will be enhanced in all kitchen and food preparation zones “with stringent sanitation standards”


All room keys disinfected and presented safely upon check-in

We want you to relax and enjoy your stay, so if you have any questions regarding our polices during COVID-19, then please just ask.

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